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Vocaloid Fandom PSA: Please source songs to PRODUCERS!


When posting Vocaloid songs, please p l e a s e please PLEASE look up the producer name and credit them!

Tumblr makes such a big deal about sourcing art to artists, and yet I still see ungodly amounts of Vocaloid audio and video posts going with the song credited to the Vocaloid singer and not the producer!

You guys do know that “Hatsune Miku” didn’t compose that song you like, right? A really cool musician programmed her to sing it for them!

So PLEASE take the time to credit the musicians who put in the hard work to make the music you like!!

  • It’s not hard to do! The Vocaloid wikia has a lot of producers listed and usually Googling the song title with “producer” next to it or just checking the Youtube description on subbed videos is enough to find who produced the song!
  • It’ll help you (and other Tumblr users) find more music to enjoy! Producers each have their own distinct style! So for example if you like “Matryoshka,” which is by Hachi, you’ll probably enjoy his other stuff, too!

On their own, Vocaloids are just boxes or DVDs or software shortcut icons sitting on someone’s desktop… so it’s really important to remember who actually made them sing the songs you like!!

(Of course it goes without saying this all applies to UTAU music, too!)

I mention my OCs now and then in the plural form but 70% of the time when I say ‘my OCs’ I mean just Aezse

I mention my OCs now and then in the plural form but 70% of the time when I say ‘my OCs’ I mean just Aezse

Me trying to do fanart: you are an asshole but I want to draw you but you're an asshole
That brony con horror story was fabricated.


OP literally made up a sexual assault and failed abduction story about an eleven year old girl for the sake of getting notes for anti-brony hate, and regardless of how you feel about bronies, that’s fucking disgusting.

Please stop reblogging it.


remember when the evil queen of the Crystal Dimension married a cannibal mobster and adopted the Lich





I’m so tired of people who are a minority hurting their oppressors back as retaliation. Your hurtful actions against your oppressor are not justified, even if you are being oppressed. You’re just becoming the same kind of person they are. So stop.

Peak Liberal




“beauty sleep” is such bullshit I sleep 12 hours a day and I still look like a trashcan


People must have enough money to spend on megas and not enough to spend on Ice burners for the community