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Raven never existed.The man you actually thought was Raven was actually Lowe the entire time.
Seris x Lowe, I ship.


Raven never existed.
The man you actually thought was Raven was actually Lowe the entire time.

Seris x Lowe, I ship.


people say bisexuals are greedy but ive never met anyone greedier than a straight man


I need more stories with characters that are blatantly, unapologetically aromantic or asexual. Or anywhere on the aro/ace-spectrums, really.

Not “This character hasn’t shown attraction to anyone so maybe they could be aro or ace.”

Not “These characters aren’t explicitly shown having sex, so for all we know it might be a celibate relationship.”

Not “The author said it in an interview but it isn’t stated in the work itself.”

Not “The work hints at it but doesn’t use the word itself so that heteronormative audiences won’t feel threatened by it.”

Not “The character is actually gay/bi/pan, but I’ll pretend they’re asexual because I don’t want to accept their sexuality.”

Not “I don’t want to ship this character with anybody else so I’ll say they’re asexual/aromantic so I can ignore them.”

Not “We needed a way to show the character was evil / heartless / stoic / aloof / inhuman / alien, so we made the character asexual/aromantic even though that’s a stereotype.”

I need stories where the aro-ness or ace-ness is so clear the audience can’t mistake it for anything else.

I need stories for which I can say “That character is aromantic/asexual!” and not have other people tell me I’m just making it up, or not acknowledging the character’s “real” orientation, or that it’s “just my interpretation.”


hello everyone that needs to do their hw

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Darude - Sandstorm
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Sockets for Iron Paladin…?


Hi, it’s me again heheh… *nervous laugh* Last time I asked the eltag what were good sockets for Deadly Chaser and I must thank the guys who answered for me. It helped a lot!

Now I find myself in a pinch again. Capped my DC a few days ago and I was thinking of going back on my Iron Paladin. Thing is, IP is painfully slow compared to how I got accustomed to DC’s fast maneuvering. Is it wise to put in atkspd on IP or should I focus on others? If so, what are the ideal sockets for IP? My IP’s a pve type btw. A suggestion for good element is welcomed as well…xD

Attack speed is good, but don’t try going over 21%. The highest REASONABLE amount would be ~23%, but only if you have a costume or extra sockets. I should tell you now, Land Demolisher: Heavy Arms speeds up your attacks quite a bit, so if you feel slow right now, it should be easier once you get it.

For PvE, crit is always a priority, and Chung benefits form lots of HP. If you can get the Dual crit/hp stones, use those on your endgame stuff (prioritize crit)

From there it’s what you want to do. Getting your ass kicked by Eltrion? Reduction and HP. Evasion is okay too, but I myself hate evading while in heavy stance.

More damage on top of crit? Awakening charge and time (if going dual stones, prioritize charge)

As for Element, Water is great for PvE, even if a bunch of people use it. Wind/Fire/Poison are pretty good too, IP is a it more of a ‘damage over time’ character than burst damage, and those things can help eat away at tank mobs and certain bosses.


"y-o-u-t-w-o-s-h-o-u-l-d-d-a-t-e… wow can you believe this?"
“you are moving the ouija board”
“no this is legit woah looks like the ghost thinks we should date”

  1. Possibly old concept art versions of these two? or
  2. Not demon hosts